• "I am so impressed with what All Things E.Q. has done for New River Elementary. Not only do our 6th graders enjoy being E.Q. Ambassadors, but our office referrals have decreased dramatically this year. Which I think is due to the systemic nature of All Things E.Q. and how easy it is to implement in our school, without placing a burden on our staff. The daily messages inspire students and they work! I highly recommend All Things E.Q."
    Dr. Tennille, Principal of New River Elementary School
  • "The best part about All Things E.Q. is that it is a living, digital program. Danna really listens and adjusts the insights so they serve our exact community. Her willingness to improve the program, hear our feedback and make adjustments as we implemented it our first year brought us an even better program for the following year. I was already happy with the original program and excited to implement it the following year, so I was blown away by how much Danna improved the program and matched it specifically to our needs the following year."
    Jennifer Minor, Principal of Legend Springs Elementary School
  • "As a principal, I was looking for a program that was not another “anti-bullying” program but a proactive social-emotional program. All Things EQ is just that. Parents are emailed the same message the students hear at school and have remarked that this program helps set the tone at home as well! Teachers report that All Things EQ have helped create an encouraging and self-reliant atmosphere in their classroom without having “one more thing” to do. All Things EQ takes care of EVERYTHING. As a principal, having a shared culture and language throughout our entire school, from the nurse’s office to the kindergarten classroom, from the cafeteria to the PE soccer field has been a game changer. I have incorporated All Things EQ into my discussions with students when they are referred to me for behavioral referrals. It has been an effective use of our tax credit donations."
    Jennifer Jackman, Principal of Bright Beginnings Elementary School
  • "Danna Evans has impacted Arrowhead Elementary through All Things E.Q. in a big way and we have the data to prove it. According to the Gallup Poll hope, engagement, and well being have increased by ten points and our referrals have decreased in number and severity."
    Vivian Hunt, Principal of Arrowhead Elementary School

EQ Ambassadors on Campus

  • "The EQ Ambassador program is a positive presence on our school campus.  When the EQ Ambassadors work with my classroom they are such a help!  The Student Ambassadors know to guide the students toward understanding and ask guiding questions rather than give answers.  The Ambassadors are wonderful student role models for my class. "
    Mrs. Brockman, Third Grade Teacher
  • "I wanted to let the EQ Ambassadors know what a success they are on campus! The Ambassadors came into the room quietly and took up their stations at each table group. The noise level in my room immediately decreased and my students were focused and on task the entire time the Ambassadors were in there. I loved it and so did my students! I hope this is just the first of many visits to come! Thanks so much."
    Robin, Second Grade Teacher
  • "We love having EQ Ambassadors on our campus. Students cannot become leaders without having opportunities to lead. The EQ Ambassador program provides our students with true leadership opportunities. Our teachers are glad to have the EQ Ambassadors come in to help in the classrooms and our Ambassadors are stepping up and learning how to be positive leaders on campus. Today the Ambassadors were doing a great job helping Kindergarten with a writing project. This program provides essential skills for everyone. We are so glad we implemented this with All Things E.Q."
    Dr. Tennille, Principal New River Elementary